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The Life and Times / Spotlights

Drusky Entertainment Presents

The Life and Times / Spotlights

Still Life, Action Camp

Sun, October 21, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Pittsburgh, PA

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Sludge gaze from Brooklyn, New York.

Sarah Quintero - Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Mario Quintero - Guitar/Synths/Vocals
Josh Cooper - Drums
The Life and Times
The Life and Times
Shimmering post-rock trio the Life and Times was formed in 2002 after the breakup of frontman Allen Epley's infamous math rock outfit Shiner. Guitarist Epley recruited Someday I's John Meredith on bass and Strings and Return drummer Mike Myers to make for a relentless three piece of layered guitars and driving rhythms. The band's initial output, The Flat End of the Earth EP on 54-40 or Fight! does entirely solidify the group's sound, but demonstrates a new found freedom for Epley to explore songwriting that ranges from the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate to Jawbox to R.E.M.. While not perfect, the EP suggests a fresh approach and endless possibilities for the Kansas City band. ~ Charles Spano, Rovi

"...The slow-churning "Day Twelve" could fit neatly on Failure's Fantastic Planet, while squiggly synth streaks, reverb-slathered vocals and chugging riffs drive the post-metal trudge "Day Six." No One Loves You Like I Do's best songs, however, are brisk and biting: Drummer Chris Metcalf is a ferocious timekeeper who adds menace to the creepy "Day One" and delicious chaos to the instrumental calculus of "Day Two" and "Day Eleven." The album's final song, "Day Eight," is even mightier. After two minutes of vocalist/guitarist Allen Epley accompanied by simple acoustic guitar, the song suddenly envelops listeners with Tectonic-plate-cracking noise and droning guitars, like a TV channel broadcasting the apocalypse." Alternative Press --4 out of 5 stars

"...From the first effected chord struck in the album's opener, "Que Sera Sera", to the moment in "Confetti" where the cacophony suddenly gives way to acoustic strumming, the Life and Times offer listeners a thrilling cinematic journey through their meticulously constructed world of sound." Pitchfork 6.9

"...drummer, Chris Metcalf...played like fucking Dr. Octopus, augmenting their muscular, driving shoegaze-inspired rock songs with the kind of playing you expect to see from John Bonham or some robot designed by Honda. Needless to say, when I saw they were playing again, headlining this time, in support of their second full-length, Tragic Boogie, I might have peed a little bit." Live DC

"...this is a band that navigates the trickiest of processes and feats: It delivers both the unexpected and the familiar. Songs go in directions that aren't foreseen but that feel natural and comfortable, once you reach their destinations." Kansas City Star

"...As each song unwinds it becomes apparent that No One Loves You Like I Do is one of the most carefully crafted and precise records created. This masterfully recorded album never overuses any instrument or technique and the mix is impeccable. The Life and Times go from constructing giant walls of sound to ambient celestial floating to quieting the most minimal stripped down moments to accentuate the most vulnerable breaths of the lyrics." Mezzic Magazine

"...Tragic Boogie showcases a dozen tracks that were handled with painstaking care and obsessive/compulsive precision. Epley managed to build upon the base he created with Shiner and move his music in a direction that incorporates delectable tidbits from both Shiner's past and Epley's present. The result is a second full length album that will most certainly lead indie rock into the future." Amplifier Magazine

"...An exhausting ride, No one loves you like I do is an otherworldly experience. The last track ('Day eight') is simply beautiful. The elegant acoustic guitar is elegantly escorted by a droning sound that builds until it explodes. It's those type of moments, those cascades that hit you right in the heart (and inner ears bits) that make you pay attention to this band.- Soucher Magazine

"..."Day Twelve" was their closer. This is, by far, the hot ticket on the album and in their live performance! It encompassed something for everyone and incorporated some clever transitions. The audience sang along from the beginning. The chorus was true to its word; "No, I can't get you outta my head." They played their demanded encore, another head-bobbing beat that wound down an interesting chordal path all the way to the end." Rukus Magazine
Venue Information:
146 44th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15201