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Interview with The Maine, “American Candy” Tour


2a (2)John O’Callaghan on “American Candy”
Interview and photos by Hannah Altman

It’s been a good year for The Maine. They released their new album, American Candy, on March 31st and have since set out on tour with Real Friends and Knuckle Puck. The band played at Altar Bar last night, and we caught up with lead singer John O’Callaghan about the album and tour in an earlier interview.


1. How’s tour going so far? Is there anything about the American Candy Tour that has changed/stayed the same from previous ones?

We couldn’t be more pleased with the reaction we’ve been getting out here on the American Candy Tour. And to be honest, we couldn’t be out here with better people. This tour differs from previous tours in that we have brought out some production for the first time. We feel like the set doesn’t really let up from start to finish and have been able to really feel a new energy in the room every night.

2. American Candy was just released a few weeks ago, and the sound diverges a bit from Forever Halloween. How did the process when writing this album differ from previous ones? 

The approach really didn’t differ much at all from previous efforts. The only real difference was that prior to writing I communicated to the rest of the guys what kind of album I wanted to make in an attempt to create a complete understanding within our dynamic. I feel like American Candy is the first cohesive album we’ve made as a band from start to finish.


3.  This album was recorded in Joshua Tree National Park in California. How did recording there add to the experience of recording this album?

Joshua Tree promoted an extremely healthy work environment for many reasons, the biggest being the aspect of being truly disconnected from most technologies. Not being able to connect to the internet really made us focus on the task at hand and finish the album within the timeframe we had mapped out. Didn’t hurt that the surrounding landscape was breathtaking. 

4. American Candy is both the title track for your album and name of the tour, how is this title significant? 

American Candy is everything that I hate about our society. To me, it’s a constant reminder to project sincerity and integrity in all that I do, but more importantly it’s a reminder that we all have voices, but no one sounds like I do. 


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