Cartel Talks Chroma

Interview and photos by Hannah Altman

Pop-punk band Cartel is currently on tour in honor of the ten year anniversary of their album Chroma. Drusky Entertainment catches up with the band in an exclusive interview about their show at the Rex Theater on April 16th.


Q: The 10 year anniversary of Chroma is very exciting. A lot has changed from Chroma to Collider, particularly on the production side of things. How do you feel about the band self producing the album?

A: Self producing has been great. We’ve had a number of wonderful producers over the years but my the 4th album we knew what we wanted and how to get it so it was a really natural transition to do it ourselves. We love the way it turned out so I guess that’s all the validation we needed.

Q: Does that level of intimacy that comes with self production help maintain the familiarity that’s developed with your fans?

A: I think it just added to the “story” of Collider more than anything. Whether or not we produced it shouldn’t have an effect on the listener’s enjoyment (unless we screwed up). If anything I think it allowed us to chase down sounds that we wanted more easily which probably gave our fans the sound they’ve been looking for out of a new record.


Q: Life experience is another aspect that has inevitably been refined throughout the years. What’s changed since Chroma that influences the way the band stays inspired?

A: We’re old now! Real life impacts our day to day operations a lot more than when we were younger so it surely has crept into our lyrics and music enough to notice it. I’m married now too so that’s taken away a lot of typical love song material which we’ve drifted away from a bit.

Q: How does this overall tour feel for you, in terms of the band’s growth? Is this just as much of an experience for you as it is for the fans?

A: Absolutely! Being able to experience these songs with fans like this is just as novel a concept for us as it is them. Celebrating 10 years of Chroma is a great feeling and we’re happy to share that.


Stream Chroma on Spotify here.