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Los Lonely Boys

Altar Bar Farewell & 10 Year Anniversary Series

Los Lonely Boys

Dan Bubien Band, Birds Over Arkansas

Fri, July 15, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

The Altar Bar

Pittsburgh, PA

$27.00 - $30.00


This event is all ages

Los Lonely Boys
Los Lonely Boys
Hailing from San Angelo, Texas, Los Lonely Boys are a sibling trio whose music draws equally from rock, blues, Tex-Mex, conjunto, and tejano. Such a combination is shaped by the band's three brothers: guitarist Henry Garza, bassist JoJo Garza, and drummer Ringo Garza, Jr. They recorded their debut album, 2003's Los Lonely Boys, at Willie Nelson's Pedernales studio in Austin with Nelson sitting in. Epic Records picked the album up for major-label distribution in March 2004, resulting in a high chart placement for the album's lead single, "Heaven," as well as a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance the following year.

They continue to crank out albums, their latest, Revelation, released in January of 2014
Birds Over Arkansas
Birds Over Arkansas formed in 2011 when Scott Haskitt, Laura Hartshorn, and John Mondick discovered that the product of their musical experimentations was greater than the sum of its parts. Although they reside in different states (Scott and Laura live in New Haven, CT, while John lives in Philadelphia, PA), they continued their long distance collaboration after realizing that the spark of creativity and collaboration they had forged could not be duplicated by working on their own or with other musicians.

Drawing from influences such as Peter Gabriel, Ryan Adams, Frank Zappa, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, and Yes, their music infuses heartfelt lyrics, infectious melodies, and complex rhythmic structures to create compelling and moving songs that are the antithesis of today's manufactured pop music.

Having known each other from many singer-songwriter based projects over the years, Scott and John began feeling like they were trying to force themselves into the wrong genre.

"In the writing process, we started realizing that we had these really fun initial ideas, often kind of quirky and unorthodox, and then we would just edit and massage them down until they sounded like everything else. It was really frustrating, sort of killing our own ideas. So we started doing the opposite; shining a light on the quirky bits from sessions and junking the normal sounding stuff. Eventually, those left turns started to make sense in their own way".

Around the same time, Laura and Scott were trying to pick up the pieces of a dissolved cover band in New Haven. "We did a lot of Queen, so we all sang in the band, and Laura and I really blended well vocally together. We didn't want to lose that, so we kept playing gigs and added in the originals John and I were working on. As soon as John started joining in on shows, we were suddenly having the time of our lives playing covers and really quirky originals".
Venue Information:
The Altar Bar
1620 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA, 15222